By now, it is sufficiently clear to many within and beyond our state, that Rt Hon. Barr Onofiok Luke is unshakeably in the race for the seat of Governor of Akwa Ibom in 2023. In the next fewdays, the Amazing Grace Project, which is the Campaign Organisation of Rt Hon. Onofiok Luke, will unveil details of his formal declaration and a manifesto which will outline the terms of his social contract with Akwa Ibom people.

The Amazing Grace Project is the God-inspired and people-driven campaign Organisation galvanising Akwa Ibom towards the actualisation of Hon. Luke’s vision for Inclusive Governance which is clearly articulated in our campaign theme: BUILDING TOGETHER, GROWING TOGETHER

Onofiok Luke has always believed in a concerted effort towards building a virile state. It has always been his thought and idea that our people should be actively part of our building process, and that they should grow together in prosperity rather than just watch a few grow.

Our Project was therefore established on the firm belief that Akwa Ibom can only succeed through the collective contributions of the people, and the success story will only be complete when the people fully partake in the reward. Onofiok is thus on a mission to provide our great state with a leadership that will not only involve the people in the building process, but will prioritize the collective growth of every single one of us.

Over the years, our people have shown great faith, trust, courage and commitment towards building the Akwa Ibom of our dream. While these efforts have yielded some results in terms of economy and infrastructure, we admit that there is a widening gap between the privileged few and the underprivileged majority. Onofiok Luke is proposing a shift to a state building agenda that will directly translate to shared growth and prosperity.

We cannot undo all the social inequalities of many years that have brought about the distrust between the political elite and the masses, but together, we can reinforce the noble foundation laid by our past leaders, and rebuild on it the broken walls of our collective dream of The Future.

As we push towards our GOAL in 2023, we are assured that Akwa Ibom people will reiterate their stand on demanding a leadership that is characterised by experience, youthfulness, acceptability, accessibility, and accountability.

Within the last two years of our principal’s consultations with stakeholders, elders, religious leaders, traditional leaders, youths and women, the people have shared their challenges and through these interactions, we have all agreed that these challenges are surmountable. Onofiok Luke is therefore committed to giving a leadership consciously aimed at building our people and their capacity to match with the economic and infrastructural growth of our state.

After many years of dreaming and preparing, we are now at the turning point in history. Therefore, the AMAZING GRACE Project is a clarion call on Akwa Ibom people to come let’s build together and grow together.

Uduak Ikafia
Director of Communications, Amazing Grace Campaign Organisation

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